One Minute

hi All

Just one minute shooted in a nice location down in Brazil, hope you enjoy.
In the meanwhile I received my new RPM 2010 quiver and got the chance to fly them. I must say Amery and Youri , they did a great work. The kite is even more stable and reactive. Plus they add some power and upwind ability in the low end.
I am so happy.
Thank you



Yo guys. Its Andrew Adams from Shredtown checking in. Me, Chris Abadie and Davis Griffin all moved down to Orlando and have been living it up here for about a month. Its been alittle chilly down here in Florida but nothing a full suit cant fix. We have been winching and hitting rails at Mccormicks and the Projects as much as possible just trying to progress on our waterscooters.

The new alliance just came out with our 8 page Shredtown article and I happened to get the cover shot! Here it is:

Also. In April we will be going on a 2 week roadtrip from Miami to North Carolina with riders Nate Perry, Brian Reeder and Marc Rossiter. We got some pretty exciting things coming soon so stay tuned to! Check out the latest edit filmed with the Go Pro HD on the site.

Peace guys
Andrew Adams

Ay baby, what are you doing on the corner?

Yo, wakers! What it is? Nick V checking in giving you a little update. I recently went to Florida to get some shredding done, I was expecting it to be warm but it was nowhere even close. One day I went riding with Bear and Dieter Humpsch, it was sunny but 45 degrees. That morning we ended up hitting a gap on his lake, which has somehow gone unshredded all these years with dozens of pro-wakers who have lived on this lake at some point. It was really fun and we even got some prison workers on their lunch break as spectators. After the morning gap/drop session finished we took a break and planned our next move. Bear had been eyeing this snake run spot for a long time and had showed it to several people who passed on the opportunity, I on the other hand jumped at this opportunity. I called Brent Besing from the Shred Town crew to see if he wanted to come and bring a winch. He was down and we were on our way. The spot ended up being awesome except for the condom floating in the start area.( Hey, its better than needles) We had some local crack heads watching us that ended up making me laugh my ass off and almost fall on the start. They also kept telling me there was a 12ft gator living in the pond, so that gave me incentive not to fall at all. Dieter ended up putting a sick little vid up on Alliance. The crack head in the intro is awesome!! take a look and stay tuned for another vid shortly.