Its about passion…

Hello all, Robby Jacques here. I just got back from a bicycle ride with my Dad and it really opened my eyes to what wakeboarding is to me. My Dad and I had a long conversation about how his Dad and his brother were watermen. When I started wakeboarding, it was because my Dad was a waterman before me. My Dad was a three event skier of immense talent when he was my age and it made me want to follow in his footsteps and be just like him. Wakeboarding for me has always been such a great friend and family experience. This sport has brought me incredibly close to my family and has forged some of the greatest friendships I will ever have in my life. I think sometimes we all can lose sight of how fun and wholesome this activity can be. So do me all a favor, next time you go out and ride with your friends/loved ones, give them a hug and thank them for sharing the moment with you. Thanks for reading friends!

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Robby J

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