Snowkite Soldier Mt. Event / SS DEMO CENTER. Feb 18-21th

Calling all Kite Soldiers! If you came to last years event, then you know that Fairfield is the place to snowkite. If you heard the hype and are curious, then come see it for yourself. This event seeks to showcase the future of our sport by giving everyone a chance to push their own personal limits. The event concept will be similar to last years. Enjoy an amazing terrain park that utilizes our mountainous terrain and a backcountry poker run that shows you how limitless snowkiting can be and at night come celebrate the good times with live music and share your epic snowkite tales. We have two poker run courses, a 3 card (beginner) and a 5 card course to the top of a mountain. The idea is to encourage all levels of riders to come explore the backcountry using your kite with a dedicated event team to help support you in your efforts. Each rider will stop at the flagged checkpoints to receive your poker card. Keep your cards because the best poker hands win amazing products from our amazing sponsors. Last year we gave away kites, skis, snowboards, gloves, jackets, hats, backpacks, bindings, travel gear and much, much more.

We will be registering riders at Soldier Creek Brewery on the night of the 18th with some snowkite movies playing on the wall.

We will also be having a rider judged terrain park event with more details to follow soon.

For all things related Kite Soldier Event including registering, go to this years event website:

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