Freash News’ from the crew down South!..

”Yooo, it’s Matias Ricci; all the way down from Argentina, with some fresh news from what I’ve been doing around here with my local homies. The season started strong with a month trip to the Ocean side, hiting spots like Pinamar, Mar del Plata, among others. Been riding with Juan Canale and Marcos Mafia,  young kids that are representing hard and with style over here.
But my knee couldn’t hold on all these action, guess i’m getting old(25) haha. So I’ve been taking it easy on the water lately, doing some rehab. I still managed to travel around and follow the main events around here with the boyz.
Our friends from Lokalani, put together a Kite Fest in Bariloche, a sick spot in the wild Argentinean Patagonia. Not much luck with the wind, we ended up shredding the slider with Juank’s winch, which saved the trip! The local crew here have grown a lot and worked hard to make this event happen, with a 20 foot floating rail and a nice kicker. Cool music, great vibes and a stunning environment around us, made this the best event of the season. Afterwords, we moved the winch together with the rail, to a little private pond by a local bar. We session it till mid night with a cool vibe and good tunes. The season it’s not over yet, a new winch is being born right now, and my knee is feeling stronger every day.
I’ll keep you guys posted on the latest from the crew down south.”
Matias ”Dibu” Ricci



I  had a very nice day here in HUA HIN…

At first we finished single elimination on monday and tuesday… I  was second because I lost with Gisela in the final …

Then we had three days without wind… I spend most of time relaxing and doing nothing because it was so hot that I was super lazy to do something… Massage was my main point of the day!

Finally on saturday after half day of waiting, the wind showed up… It wasn’t strong, for my 11m kite and still light… First heat I had with Bruna, which I did very good and I won.  Finally after 1 year of loosing with her…  Second heat with Gisela, the wind picked up and because of my kites are so good I could menage to land very powerful tricks and win the heat. However, to win the competition you have to beat the first person from the singles twice… So I  didn’t win. My second heat was ok, but I crushed few times so I ended up on 2nd place.

I am very happy because it was our first event in 2010 and now I know how the girls level look like and on what should I train…

Next competition is France, Leucate in April

So stay tuned


Thailand Podium Finish!!

The doubles have just finished and I placed 3rd overall!! My first podium finish on the PKRA. I only had one heat in the doubles after making it to the winners final two in the singles. I went up against Kevin Langeree to hold 2nd, but unfortunately I didn’t have my best heat and he got the win, making me 3rd. This is my best result ever on the PKRA and I’m so happy to start this year so well. Hopefully I can continue to keep placing high on the podium throughout the year. Now I’m looking forward to chilling out at home getting ready for the next event in France in 2 weeks.


Andy Yates

Mn. snowkite scene wraps up another season

Laura Maher here…the snowkite scene in Mn. was pretty good this year. I ended up spending the most time I had in years riding the frozen terrain. I started snow kiting years ago and it is still fun to come back home and ride with old friends. Schey guy flew in for a demo up at Mille Lacs Lake. We got only one day of decent wind, but enough to rip around on the Key. Our new delta hybrid kite. Super easy and fun to fly. Always grateful for a winch at these events when the wind does not blow!! Todd Hanson from Cross Lake has it figured out with his groomer, soo sic! Couple rails, instant terrain park!

Oahu 2010 Wrap Up

Aloha, Mike Scott and Eric Yeung are back with the rest of Eric’s visit to Oahu.

Day 2: Day two had little excitement due to a long drive tot he north shore and little winds on saturday which made us leave the beach after one tack out.. Onshore and light winds, so a night out in Waikiki was the call.

Day 3: The forcast on sunday called for ENE trades up to 20 mph in the evening. Stoked on our new Darko boards we decided to go get a butter session at my secret kite spot. Sorry location cannot be disclosed but enjoy the pics we took!! A huge rain cloud apporached after we arrived via sailboat and rained out eveyone there. Before we knew it, everyone out at the secret spot had left except for two friends who came out on a couple hoby cats.

Day 4: On Eric’s last day on Oahu I decided to show him Pearl Harbor in the a.m. and world famous Kailua Beach for another Darko board meeting at the kicker next to flat island. Eric was amping on his railey to blinds he’s been working on and I myself was siking on some Blind Judges off the kickers.

I had a great time showing eric around Oahu and will be waiting for the wind to come back tomorrow. Light winds call for some hiking in Manoa Valley and website work. Till next time… aloha everyone and Mahalos for checking this blog.


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What’s good Gangsters?
Alex Fox checking in from Orlando, Fl. It’s been a pretty busy past couple of months here in Florida. The Weather has started to get cold so we have been adapting to wearing wetsuits. This sort of cold weather really dampers my mood, so i have been frequenting the florida keys whenever an oppurtunity. Me and my homies Matt Sexton, Tripp Hobbs, And Stefan Cerf charged down a month ago for some slider sessions. Our buddy Mikey at the Otherside is a rail mastermind and created this little gem in his freetime. Its a fully portable, adjustable flat bar complete with a wall ride and table top.

Been Using the darkside and my 2010 rpms on the rails these days, and the set up works flawlessly. After the keys we ere sent the new Arcane, Ignition and Key kite for a quick photoshoot. The new kite is an agile, really fun little kite.

Last weekend was spring break, After being flushed in school for the past two months we were pretty stoked to get out of our house and enjoy a week in the sun, kiting and drinking…Unfortunately with little wind, we did more drinking than kiting, But my roommate Stefan and I got to see some friends we hadn’t seen in quite a while so we were plenty stoked.

Now we are back at the grind in school. Looking forward to the Islamorada invitational at the end of the month…to keep up with me check more out at