Last days In SA

Last days in SA.

The last days we stayed in Struisbaai, we wanted to go to Hermanus but the wind would not be good out there.

We met a local on the beach who was willing to take us to a lot of nice place,s the first place went to is Arniston, we went with 4×4 trough some sandduines and arrived at a sick wave spot , was a really powerful wave from about 5m high.

After we went to struisbaai main beach witch is a mix of choppy and flat water quit nice, the day after in the morning we went o a Vlei called vogel vlei, it,s a little choppy but flat enough to get some good tricks if i have to explain how i need to get there i have no idea hahahah.

From struisbaai we drove back for about 3 ours and the last day sunday we packed al our gear and left in the evening to the aiport.

We had a lot of gear but in the end we just had to pay 240-, euro witch was alright.

After a long flight we finaly got home, it,s good to be back. Just for now

9th of march i will fly again to Thailand for the 1st PKRA stop.

Take care,



We stayed for 3 days in plettenberg bay and al of the days we had a lot of rain, but we did kite as well.

Yesterday we had some nice surf in the afternoon, quit big and tubing so pretty tuff. This morning we checked the waves again but it was completely rubbish, so we left towards Hermanus, on our way there we decided to stop as well in Struisbaai where we are now.

When we arrived here there was not a lot of wind and the forecast didn’t looking good as well, so we explored the place a bit and hopefully tomorrow will be some wind.

We had a great sunset only we arrived just a little bit to late, but it was still nice.

So we hope tomorrow we have luck and we can ride here and the day after in Hermanus.

Ow By the way the water here is crazy blue!!


YouriAlong we go

Plettenberg Baai:

Plettenberg Baai:

2days ago we left Jeffrey’s baai on wards to Plettenbergbay, we stayed here as well on our way to Jbay, but there was no wind.

On our way here the weather was really bad only rain and dark clouds, but the good things was there was wind.

When we arrived here we find the lagoon right away and It looked really good, so we went to find a sleeping place after driving a little bit we find

a really nice place and were sleeping in some kind of royal sweet hahah super nice.

Today and yesterday we kite in the lagoon, alone and perfectly flat water and steady wind good for 12m.

Unfortunately today we had rain almost the whole day but it didn’t stop us from kitting.

When we left jbay there were some forest fires as well ( see picture)

Tomorrow the forecast doesn’t look promising but some locals told us the waves would work, if not maybe we will go skydive. Sweet!

Will keep you posted,


first sess!

Good morning,

Yesterday we woke up and the wind was on fire already, so we decided to drive to a Laguna called paradise beach, witch is about 10minute,s from Jeffrey’s bay.

I didn’t know what to expect but when we arrived there, it looked sick!

The wind came straight offshore so it was dead flat the water; only on the right the wind was a little bit gusty.

I rigged my 10m and had a good session for 30min or so, than the wind start to pick up super strong. So I went out on my 8m and had a fun session on that.

In the night the wind was still there but good again for 10m, we also tried some flash shots.

Today the wind seems to be super strong and gusty, will check I out later what’s gone happen.



Garden route


Last monday we start a trip along the garden route ( goes from around witsands to jeffreys bay) The first day we drove up to mossel bay , the didnt predict any wind so no need to hurry. When we arrived in mossel baai , there were some small waves.

After looking a bit we find a good spot where the wave,s where super clean and quit long as well, the where just a little close to the rocks. Bu thaht didnt matter.

After the night sleeping there the next morning we cheked the wave,s again and the where still there , ( the forcecast said it would die of) so we went out for an oter surf session.

After the surf we left to the next stopp plettenbergbaai, we arrived there in the evening just around dark ,so we had a braai(bbq) only that we had to wait 3 ours for it haha. Next morning we went to a Natural park (game reserve) where we could chek some lions, girafes , buffels, hippo,s and many more animals.

Our journey contnues to Jeffreys bay where we had to pas the Bloukrans bridge witch is 216m high and the have a bungy jump, so we had to stop there and chek it out. After looking for about 10minute,s , i made the decision and made the jump! Pffffff how sick is that, incredibel how the feeling is!

Finnaly arriving yesterday in Jbay we found a Backpackers but it,s hilarish , completly hippie still and the rooms are super tinny and looks like a small little garden house hahahah.

Check out some pics and wil keep you up to date soon.



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