The Bloggina Monolouge’s…..

What up pawty people this is Matt Sexton checkin in after a looong winter in Florida. This is my first post in my new slingy blog series entitled The Bloggina Monologues…

I had some real big plans set up for this winter season and most of ’em got stunted by unpredictable winds and freezing Florida temps. Riding’s been rough but things are looking up nonetheless; I took the downtime to get my big school requirements out of the way and some of my more abstract projects have now come to fruition.

One of my main homies who I started kiting with, Oliver Berlic, just moved back to Saint Pete after living in Brazil for three years, he’s been working there with some of the top street artists in Sao Paulo and helping run a kite outfit called Kite Adventures. He’s taken over our kite school now and helped bring some fresh new ideas to what Alex Fox and I have been working on. Between our core group and with the help of our good friend and renowned artist/entrepreneur, Fred Abington, we’ve started a Collective of artists, athletes, designers, and entertainers.

Our first big project asides from gathering alternative action sports content is an action sports inspired sustainable art gallery. The gallery will feature a variety of different pieces geared towards promoting the message of sustainability in everyday life and making use of action sports tools that are now either broken or obsolete (boards, kites, bikes…) The gallery will be expressed through multiple mediums and will take place for the first time this may in Saint Petersburg, FL.

Check out the new blog that will be getting updated a couple times a week. It will be showcasing action sports content as well as art, fashion, music, and culture items. Super big thanks to Fred for all the help and support in making this happen!

This blog is officially way to long now, waste some more time browsing these pics from my latest road trip to the keys. Myself, Neil Hutchinson, Alex Fox, Dave Scott and Chris and Davis from Shredtown went to the grand reopening for The Otherside Boardsports shop in Islamorada and raged all the way down to key west in process. Wild weekend, and believe it or not, Shredtown kites now too!

If you got any questions about what were doing or want to meet up for a session hit me up anytime!

p.s. if you have questions about the title of my blog contact Neil Hutchinson at,, shibby, peace!
Mr Sexton

The otherside transfer box, we had a sick night winch jam on this thing, but the after party lost the pictures, here’s a transfer shot on the new kites, the new RAD boots are dope

Click on the pick and you can see chris smiling as he plows through the mangrove

Davis got knocked out cold and was the first shredclown to hit the water the next a.m.

A late christmas present…

This Neanderthal is Mikey Walsh owner and head slave of The Otherside Boardsports. Him and his wife shana run one of the most badass shops i know of so visit them or buy stuff from them here … now

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