Life Changes…

blog post by: Jeff McKee

Things have been changing a lot lately. The other day I found a huge black hair growing right in the center of my back and then my beard trimmer broke and look what happened…I guess I’m officially a man now, at least appearance wise. However, my mom still says I act like I’m 5 so I guess that is good? Anyways I’m super stoked on the fact that I can officially grow a beard, but there’s this girl who I’m gonna marry who wasn’t quite as excited as I was about the new me, so i got the beard trimmer back up and running.

On a completely separate note, I finally got the boat of my dreams. It’s a nautique 230 and it’s by far the best wake I have EVER ridden! The upward pop makes me grin every time. Sometimes I’ll even go out on the lake alone and just drive it to look at the wake and brighten my day. Life is good right now…

Lets talk again soon.


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