The Dirty South

I have just released my latest flick, check it out –

ABOUT THE MOVIE: I’ve been making kite surfing films as long as I can remember & this time I wanted to make something that captures my love of the Aussie coastline, hit some of my favorite spots and score some sick sessions on the water, along with a couple of the best riders in the world that I knew would appreciate the experience as much as I do. I believe the best way to see the Aussie coast is road trip style in an Apollo Motor home, so the plan was to have Josh Mulcoy, Ian Alldredge & Jason Wolcott meet my Dad & I in Melbourne to start the 21 day long road trip from Melbourne to the Sunshine coast (25000km’s). “Ben Wilson”
WHY THE DIRTY SOUTH: The boys ended up scoring one of Ben’s all time favorite waves on the Far South coast of NSW & it was as big & as crazy as Ben had ever seen it. The day was scary, eerie & Dirty, so they named it “The Dirty south”!


Twelve Apostles: Every bit as breathtaking as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National parks. Massive fingers of sea eroded rock stick out of the ocean as if put there by an artist. Kite surfing there had not been done before, the boys hit it!

Launching at the 12 Apostles

Warrnambool: The boys hook up with the local crew to hit some waves never kited before and share their sick part of the coast.

Secret right hander somewhere near Warrnambool

Ryland’s Slab: Ryland takes Keahi De Abotiz & Alex Lewis-Hughes to his secret left hand barrel & they score..

Ryland's dirty little slab somewhere in SW Oz.

Mambo event: Ian wins & Ben comes second.

Ian punting at the Mambo

Ben’s secret spot: Was under the influence of the new swell – a crazy slab of a wave. It was windy, big, and stormy. The boys got some barrels & some big wipeouts during one of the best sessions they have ever had.

Ben on the big day

Byron Bay: The boys stopped at Emery Surfboards and shaped a few boards with Warren Cornish & Al Emery, then gave long time WCT surfer Danny Wills a kiting lesson. He was up & going within 2hours.

New boards

Canteen kids: Project Pro Extreme arranged to make a special day for CANTEEN the charity that supports teenagers dealing with cancer. Everyone had such a great time getting to fly the kites and BBQ’ing.

Canteen kids

Starring: Ben Wilson, Ian Alldredge, Ryland Blakeney, Keahi De Abotiz, Alex Lewis-Hughes, Scott Wisenbaker, Bertrand Fleury

12 Apostles sunset

Running time: 45 mins

Out now –

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