Healing up, flying home, sorting stuff out!!

My Cape Town trip has come to an end after spending 3months there. A lot of things happened and I had a great time. Although I couldn’t kite I tried to make the most of it and focus on different things in life. Not bad not bad, I just went to the gym to squeeze out the daily energy and to stay in shape. Physiotherapy has helped me a lot to recover quickly and without too much pain…Did loads of beachwalks, the sand is really good for ankle exercises…and the sun was shining so that was nice!

I had one cool last good-bye-braai (BBQ) which was pretty sweet…

I shipped of my boardbags by cargo as they wouldn’t allow them on the plane. It’s weird to think I traveled all around the world and only kited two times. That sucks!!
But I had time to sort out all my things that come with being a pro-kiteboarder. Creating more structure in my life and job is what I’ve been busy with, so that things can roll smoothly this year and beyond! 😀
Stoked with how some of the new designs came out and can’t wait to be able to ride again to final test my new prototypes!!

My plans from now on, I need about four more weeks of recovering. So I signed up to a sick new wellness center that they build right in my hometown. It’s sick, super motivated to go swimming everyday and rock out in the gym. It’s such a relaxing place they created, so that’s cool. www.azzurrowellness.nl

Got some meetings and stuff to go to, so when I get back on the water I’ll start filming and having it again. Don’t worry, cool plans in the pipeline.

Really looking forward to a great year, I might go snowkiting in Norway for a week with Aaron at the Red Bull Ragnarok Redbullragnarok.no . I’ve never tried it before but I think I’ll love it…
Then I’ll have to do some photoshoots in May for Slingshot and Mystic. Soon after that I’ll go to the US for the Triple-S and more filming for Ontheloose.tv which will get up and running smoothly again.

So peace out for now and catcha on the flipside.
Ruben LEN10

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