Spring Break Riding

Its Corrie here, I’ve been in Orlando the last week for spring break. I was having withdrawls from wakeboarding, so the trip was much needed. We did a little bit of everything while we were in town. The first day we met Jeff House and some other riders from Knoxville at McCormicks to shred some cable. Then we met some more friends at OWC the next day and filmed a short video for wakegirls.com. The past few times we’ve been down to Orlando I’ve gotten to hit a lot of rails, which is something I dont get to do a lot of in TN so I definately take advantage of it while I can. Later that week I rode behind the boat for the first time of the 2010 season with Jeff Mckee on his new 230, I was a bit rusty but I guess you have to start back somewhere…But it’s slowly starting to warm up in TN so hopefully it wont be much longer and I can get my boat back out on the water.

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