Tahoe to Hatteras

What up, Eric Rienstra here checkin in from the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Been home in Tahoe since December working as a snowboard instructor and shredin the nar. This year El Nino was rollin through so we got plenty of the white stuff. Had some epic powder days at Sugar Bowl and Homewood, and spent a lot of time in the parks at Northstar and Alpine Meadows. Some of my kiting hommies rolled through to share the winter stoke including Patrick Rebstock and the Richman Brothers. Jesse had never even seen snow before, so I gave him the 2 minute breakdown on snowboarding and he picked it up immediately. By the end of the first day he was slashin powder turns and clearing table tops with grabs. Just goes to show how well riding sidewayz crosses over no matter what stick you ride.

Now I’m off to Hatteras for coaches training at Real and to start putting together a SSS wildcard video. Hopefully the winter cross training pays off. I’m out, Peace.

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