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What’s good Gangsters?
Alex Fox checking in from Orlando, Fl. It’s been a pretty busy past couple of months here in Florida. The Weather has started to get cold so we have been adapting to wearing wetsuits. This sort of cold weather really dampers my mood, so i have been frequenting the florida keys whenever an oppurtunity. Me and my homies Matt Sexton, Tripp Hobbs, And Stefan Cerf charged down a month ago for some slider sessions. Our buddy Mikey at the Otherside is a rail mastermind and created this little gem in his freetime. Its a fully portable, adjustable flat bar complete with a wall ride and table top.

Been Using the darkside and my 2010 rpms on the rails these days, and the set up works flawlessly. After the keys we ere sent the new Arcane, Ignition and Key kite for a quick photoshoot. The new kite is an agile, really fun little kite.

Last weekend was spring break, After being flushed in school for the past two months we were pretty stoked to get out of our house and enjoy a week in the sun, kiting and drinking…Unfortunately with little wind, we did more drinking than kiting, But my roommate Stefan and I got to see some friends we hadn’t seen in quite a while so we were plenty stoked.

Now we are back at the grind in school. Looking forward to the Islamorada invitational at the end of the month…to keep up with me check more out at

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