Oahu 2010 Wrap Up

Aloha, Mike Scott and Eric Yeung are back with the rest of Eric’s visit to Oahu.

Day 2: Day two had little excitement due to a long drive tot he north shore and little winds on saturday which made us leave the beach after one tack out.. Onshore and light winds, so a night out in Waikiki was the call.

Day 3: The forcast on sunday called for ENE trades up to 20 mph in the evening. Stoked on our new Darko boards we decided to go get a butter session at my secret kite spot. Sorry location cannot be disclosed but enjoy the pics we took!! A huge rain cloud apporached after we arrived via sailboat and rained out eveyone there. Before we knew it, everyone out at the secret spot had left except for two friends who came out on a couple hoby cats.

Day 4: On Eric’s last day on Oahu I decided to show him Pearl Harbor in the a.m. and world famous Kailua Beach for another Darko board meeting at the kicker next to flat island. Eric was amping on his railey to blinds he’s been working on and I myself was siking on some Blind Judges off the kickers.

I had a great time showing eric around Oahu and will be waiting for the wind to come back tomorrow. Light winds call for some hiking in Manoa Valley and website work. Till next time… aloha everyone and Mahalos for checking this blog.


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