I  had a very nice day here in HUA HIN…

At first we finished single elimination on monday and tuesday… I  was second because I lost with Gisela in the final …

Then we had three days without wind… I spend most of time relaxing and doing nothing because it was so hot that I was super lazy to do something… Massage was my main point of the day!

Finally on saturday after half day of waiting, the wind showed up… It wasn’t strong, for my 11m kite and still light… First heat I had with Bruna, which I did very good and I won.  Finally after 1 year of loosing with her…  Second heat with Gisela, the wind picked up and because of my kites are so good I could menage to land very powerful tricks and win the heat. However, to win the competition you have to beat the first person from the singles twice… So I  didn’t win. My second heat was ok, but I crushed few times so I ended up on 2nd place.

I am very happy because it was our first event in 2010 and now I know how the girls level look like and on what should I train…

Next competition is France, Leucate in April

So stay tuned


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