Freash News’ from the crew down South!..

”Yooo, it’s Matias Ricci; all the way down from Argentina, with some fresh news from what I’ve been doing around here with my local homies. The season started strong with a month trip to the Ocean side, hiting spots like Pinamar, Mar del Plata, among others. Been riding with Juan Canale and Marcos Mafia,  young kids that are representing hard and with style over here.
But my knee couldn’t hold on all these action, guess i’m getting old(25) haha. So I’ve been taking it easy on the water lately, doing some rehab. I still managed to travel around and follow the main events around here with the boyz.
Our friends from Lokalani, put together a Kite Fest in Bariloche, a sick spot in the wild Argentinean Patagonia. Not much luck with the wind, we ended up shredding the slider with Juank’s winch, which saved the trip! The local crew here have grown a lot and worked hard to make this event happen, with a 20 foot floating rail and a nice kicker. Cool music, great vibes and a stunning environment around us, made this the best event of the season. Afterwords, we moved the winch together with the rail, to a little private pond by a local bar. We session it till mid night with a cool vibe and good tunes. The season it’s not over yet, a new winch is being born right now, and my knee is feeling stronger every day.
I’ll keep you guys posted on the latest from the crew down south.”
Matias ”Dibu” Ricci

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