France part dos

Yo dudes, just got back from France. Its was probably the most epic trip ever. We had so many ups and downs but thats what makes a good trip, right? We met some really cool people and went to some really cool places. We all just got back to Texas and are going to be filming all summer logging some really sick footy. We have over 30 spots scoped out and ready to hit all over Texas and Oklahoma. Be checkin for some good footy coming your way but remember we have to save the best of the best for the full length. Anyway, shredtown is back in Texas and we are more stoked than ever to ride and push the sport.

I want to say thanks to everyone that made this trip happen. Everyone at slingshot, Wade, Jeff, Mira, Koen, Raynald Tanny thanks for making this trip happen. Peace bros and heres acouple pics to peep.


Back in the FLA!

Sup everybody! Kaesen checkin in here after a nice long winter of snowboarding getting all my inspiration for a summer of water boarding. Just moved into Rathys house, AKA the compound… you will soon see why its called the compound. haha.

Just got back from the Cablestock event at TSR last weekend and had a killer time riding with Henshaw, Nick Davies, and Tom Fooshee and the boys. Everybody killed it and I even made it to finals… Choked it hard core in finals but still made it there! haha! For my first time back on the water in 5 months I cant really complain with my performance though.

here is a shot from the event last weekend and I cant wait to get this season started again!


Hey there everyone,  It has been quite a while since the last time I have checked in on here, and I think it is time for an update!  Some of you may know that I am currently on hiatus from the greater Orlando area for a short period of time to finish up school.  For those that don’t know this,  I am currently enrolled in Fire Academy in beautiful South Florida.  I will be returning to Orlando to wakeboard full time upon finishing which is only a few short months away!  School is going really well and it is keeping me pretty busy, that, matched with wakeboarding at every possible moment, has been keeping  me stoked and VERY tired.  My boat is down here with me and she is a gorgeous specimen of a 1992 Mastercraft Prostar 205 Direct drive.  She has a tower on her and a STELLAR wake, so shredding has been a barrel of fun behind it.  Enclosed are two pictures, one is of my magnificent boat and the other is a photo my lady friend took of me riding!

Robby Jacques

Shredtown in France

Yo dudes we have been in France for the past 12 days and are having a blast over here. We just finished up the FISE contest in Montpellier, France and now just arrived in Toulouse. We have been winching some really sick spots over here and have the next 10 days to do nothing but winching. So stoked. Unfortunately, a handrail and I were not really happy with each other and it happened to get the best of me… I slipped off the handrail and somehow got caught up in the last post. My knee is pretty bummed but havent had the chance to get an MRI yet so I dont really know what is wrong with it. On this trip I have realized that its not all about riding your board its about having fun with your friends, I get the same stoke filming/logging my friends doing a sick trick at a winch spot. So far so good over here in France, I will be sure to keep you all updated with the rest of our trip so be checking the Sling blog and also For now, here is a sick pic of  a spot we hit today.

Peace bros.


bummer summer

What’s up everybody? I was riding at home last week and fell on a 9 off the wake. I tore my ACL and surrounding meniscus. It sucks but poop happens. Since I won’t be on a board all summer, I’m going to have to live vicariously though all of you. So shred hard fellow brethren. At least Tony Logosz, the man himself, was nice enough to shape some custom surfboards for the wake team. You know I’ll be lusting at the thing all summer. Thanks Tony! Here’s a shot of them all. peace.