Hey there everyone,  It has been quite a while since the last time I have checked in on here, and I think it is time for an update!  Some of you may know that I am currently on hiatus from the greater Orlando area for a short period of time to finish up school.  For those that don’t know this,  I am currently enrolled in Fire Academy in beautiful South Florida.  I will be returning to Orlando to wakeboard full time upon finishing which is only a few short months away!  School is going really well and it is keeping me pretty busy, that, matched with wakeboarding at every possible moment, has been keeping  me stoked and VERY tired.  My boat is down here with me and she is a gorgeous specimen of a 1992 Mastercraft Prostar 205 Direct drive.  She has a tower on her and a STELLAR wake, so shredding has been a barrel of fun behind it.  Enclosed are two pictures, one is of my magnificent boat and the other is a photo my lady friend took of me riding!

Robby Jacques




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