Shredtown in France

Yo dudes we have been in France for the past 12 days and are having a blast over here. We just finished up the FISE contest in Montpellier, France and now just arrived in Toulouse. We have been winching some really sick spots over here and have the next 10 days to do nothing but winching. So stoked. Unfortunately, a handrail and I were not really happy with each other and it happened to get the best of me… I slipped off the handrail and somehow got caught up in the last post. My knee is pretty bummed but havent had the chance to get an MRI yet so I dont really know what is wrong with it. On this trip I have realized that its not all about riding your board its about having fun with your friends, I get the same stoke filming/logging my friends doing a sick trick at a winch spot. So far so good over here in France, I will be sure to keep you all updated with the rest of our trip so be checking the Sling blog and also For now, here is a sick pic of  a spot we hit today.

Peace bros.


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