France part dos

Yo dudes, just got back from France. Its was probably the most epic trip ever. We had so many ups and downs but thats what makes a good trip, right? We met some really cool people and went to some really cool places. We all just got back to Texas and are going to be filming all summer logging some really sick footy. We have over 30 spots scoped out and ready to hit all over Texas and Oklahoma. Be checkin for some good footy coming your way but remember we have to save the best of the best for the full length. Anyway, shredtown is back in Texas and we are more stoked than ever to ride and push the sport.

I want to say thanks to everyone that made this trip happen. Everyone at slingshot, Wade, Jeff, Mira, Koen, Raynald Tanny thanks for making this trip happen. Peace bros and heres acouple pics to peep.


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