trip to Placid wake park

Came out to Grand Rapids, Mi to hang out and shred Placid Wake Park. Its a pretty sweet setup, theres a hydrolic rail that you can shape however you want. It has 5 hydrolic posts that you can change to have unlimited possiblities. Im riding about three to four times a day. Deff getting some good practice for wake the line, a contest that im riding in two weeks.  Im also judging a contest out here at placid this weekend. it will be there first comp out here. Pretty stoked to be a guest judge normaly im in the contest so this should be fun.

2nd place in PKRA Cabarete by Karolina

It was a hard week in PKRA Cabarete, 14 women and 39 men from 20 countries came to struggle with Caribbean weather and win this event.
As all riders from south countries (brazilians, spanish etc.) are always complaining about the horrible weather in the north (Canada, Germany, Poland). Now is my  time to complain about the weather in Cabarete. It was 31′C with 100% humidity plus torrential rains which were stopping the wind, waves and people to move out from their hotels.
That is why some people had to fight with the weather like me, I got the sun stroke after first day so next two days I was sick and had to stay in the room with a big headache.

We finished the first and second day of competition at sunset at 7 30. Then wind was only worse and worse. However, we finished single and double elimination. My single elimination was going good till I got to top 4 and had the heat with Gisela in which i was riding super bad and I lost. Then in looser final I won with Bruna so I ended up on 3rd place.
The forecast for double elimination looked horrible, with big storm coming from Puerto Rico.

I was totally sure that we won’t be able to finish the competition. In the morning I went surfing, then I packed my equipment (I had to leave cabarete at 15 30 to catch my flight back to europe)… And suddenly at 13 30 the wind picked up!!! And it was quite strong for my 9m kite. So first I had a heat with Bruna which was one of my best heats so far. In next heat with Asia I won in the last minute, in which i did two tricks (bj swich and es pass). Finally I got to the final with Gisela, which I lost. My heat was ok, I did a lot of tricks but Gisela was on fire and with a lot of energy left.  She did all her tricks including kl slim, kl hp, bmobe and fmobe.
To sum up, now is my time to learn kl slim and kick her ass next time in St. Peters-Ording

I ll keep you update how my training is going on.

Now  I’m in Germany, in Sylt for European Tour

See videos from this event on and

PS: Big THX for Victor Hays, who helped me a lot during the competition with changing my kites during heats and who packed my clothes so I could catch my flight. THX THX THX


Rocking it at the Triple-S

So here at the Triple-S 2010 invitational we’re all having a great time. It just really is a blast every year to hit rails with some of the best kiteboarders in the world. We’re all staying in nice houses, got pool table, jacuzzi’s and the whole deal, right on the beach front as well. So that’s already epic. Then there’s just parties everyday, bands playing and some epic sunsets. The food is pretty good and the beer is awesome…

Mother Nature has been quite nice to us, she’s been blowing hard for a few nice sessions, doesn’t that just sound lovely!! :-) We all shredded the rail a couple times and we did a sick downwinder. Super powered on my 2011 gear which freaking rocks btw. Got all the new gear in and am totally stoked with it…

Tomorrow we’ve got to record some voice-overs for OTL, then we’ve got the closing ceremony which is going to be mad!

The next day I will fly out to Corsica for a Slingshot photoshoot. Wish me luck…I gave my ankle a bit of a beating lately!!

Click here for some pics:

And here’s the vids from day 1:

Triple-S 2010 – Session Report 1 from Real Watersports on Vimeo.

Day 2 vid:

Triple-S 2010 – Session Report 2 from Real Watersports on Vimeo.

NEW website

I know it has been a while, due to my ankle surgery there wasn’t much action for me!! Although I haven’t been riding, I wasn’t sitting still…
I’ve been arranging things for On The Loose. Red Bull Media House has stepped up to the plate and is creating a full tv-series out of it.
For now it will broadcast on Saturday nights around 22.15PM in German speaking countries like: Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
Red Bull has a time slot at ServusTV where they show action sports, On The Loose is on fire! Soon the English version will be available…

My ankle’s almost healed up to the max, so I’m super stoked on that. Can’t wait to ride hard again and film the shit out of it.

This is what my schedule looks like for the coming weeks!!

3-12 June: Triple-S Invitational 2010
13-17 June: Slingshot 2011 Photoshoot in Corsica
18-19 June: Mystic Dealers Meeting @ Home, The Netherlands
20-30 June: Red Bull Road Trip along East Coast of the USA
1 July: Home, The Netherlands.
2-4 July: Slingshot party in Le
11-20 July: The Gorge rail Jam
21 – 31 July: Home, The Netherlands.
* Ruben Lenten is going to perform a stunt in Gran Canaria.

There’s more things lines up but this will be confirmed at a later stage!!!

Make sure to check out and stay tuned for the first episodes very soon.
Peace and RIDE HARD!