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I know it has been a while, due to my ankle surgery there wasn’t much action for me!! Although I haven’t been riding, I wasn’t sitting still…
I’ve been arranging things for On The Loose. Red Bull Media House has stepped up to the plate and is creating a full tv-series out of it.
For now it will broadcast on Saturday nights around 22.15PM in German speaking countries like: Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
Red Bull has a time slot at ServusTV where they show action sports, On The Loose is on fire! Soon the English version will be available…

My ankle’s almost healed up to the max, so I’m super stoked on that. Can’t wait to ride hard again and film the shit out of it.

This is what my schedule looks like for the coming weeks!!

3-12 June: Triple-S Invitational 2010
13-17 June: Slingshot 2011 Photoshoot in Corsica
18-19 June: Mystic Dealers Meeting @ Home, The Netherlands
20-30 June: Red Bull Road Trip along East Coast of the USA
1 July: Home, The Netherlands.
2-4 July: Slingshot party in Le
11-20 July: The Gorge rail Jam
21 – 31 July: Home, The Netherlands.
* Ruben Lenten is going to perform a stunt in Gran Canaria.

There’s more things lines up but this will be confirmed at a later stage!!!

Make sure to check out and stay tuned for the first episodes very soon.
Peace and RIDE HARD!

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