What up, Eric Rienstra checkin in from my couch in Hatteras, NC.  Just got back from a two week throw down session in the Hood.  I have been shooting nonstop for the past three weeks for various projects, including a segment in the upcoming Stance DVD Magazine.  Slingy decided it would be a good idea for me to head out to the Hood for a couple weeks to do some shooting with Lance Koudele and check out the first annual Ro-Sham-Throw Down.  Got in some good winch and skate sessions when the wind was down and hit Rufus for some mega loop excitement.  The event was sick, all the riders were throwin down in the nuking wind.  I didn’t ride as well as I would have liked to in my heat but tomorrow is another day.  Check out some of the goods that came out of it:

Stance DVD Magazine Trailer

Ro-Sham-Throw Down Intro

arizona ski pro railjam

Larry Taylor here, this weekend the mesa arizona ski pro threw an awsome event! built a nice winch setup about 40ft long A frame. they started off the night with two 30 min heats with top two advancing from each heat, I rode fairley well in the first round and advanced with jimmy wolf in second. the next heat trever “POODLE” Marquette and Nick Wittle advanced to the finals. after that we all took a well needed intermission wuth georges gyros kart haha, then kicked off one of the most intense winch finals ive ever witnessed with jimmy trowing backboard gap b/s 270, Poodle getting technical with a bunch of switcheroos and me tossing out a backlip gap frontside 270 90 out and some other combos like nosepress gap backlip 90 out and nosepress gap frontside 270 90 out but all in all jimmy came out on top followed by me in seconed and poodle in 3rd… and Me walking away with best trick, proly one of the funnest rail events ive been apart of in a long time…..

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Hey guys,

Whats been going on? I shot a quick little video down in the keys from this week. My friend Justice filmed it all whilst riding so there is some pretty interesting angles. So big thanks to him for taking the time to cut the clip, I really appreciate. Hope everyone is getting some riding in wherever you are…





Check it out! Just put the finishing touches on this beast and she’s ready to rip…A huge thanks goes out to everyone who helped put this beast together. The slingshot team will be shooting on the rail all next week at the Projects Wakeboard camp and then it will be open for the public to snap, crackle, and pop all over. We’re going to start with it under the system 2.0 cable and then move it around as we wish since it’s floating. Get ready because Slingshot has freshened up the projects park yet again!


wake the line

Whats up guys its nate perry. Im in europe once again. But this time it was for one of the sickest contest i have ever been too, Wake The Line. This contest had the best of the best riders with the best set up i have ever seen. it had anything from hand rails, quarterpipes, to even corrigated pipes. I didnt do as well as i hoped. Ended up 6th, but had the toughest heats of my life. It was a head to head format. My first heat was agains the one and only parks bonifay, i managed to barely sqeeze my way past him on to a guy named daniel fitz. This was when i got beat out of the comp. i unfortunatly fell and he had a stand up run. But what can you do. Ill be hangng out and shredding in belgium, france, and the neatherlands for the next couple weeks. and will keep you all posted.