wake the line

Whats up guys its nate perry. Im in europe once again. But this time it was for one of the sickest contest i have ever been too, Wake The Line. This contest had the best of the best riders with the best set up i have ever seen. it had anything from hand rails, quarterpipes, to even corrigated pipes. I didnt do as well as i hoped. Ended up 6th, but had the toughest heats of my life. It was a head to head format. My first heat was agains the one and only parks bonifay, i managed to barely sqeeze my way past him on to a guy named daniel fitz. This was when i got beat out of the comp. i unfortunatly fell and he had a stand up run. But what can you do. Ill be hangng out and shredding in belgium, france, and the neatherlands for the next couple weeks. and will keep you all posted.

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