Sauble Kite Jam

Wud up, Rienstra here reporting on the first annual Sauble Kite Jam.  The event was put on by Sam and Dano Medysky at, the local kite school in the area.  The conditions at Sauble Beach are very similar to the North Shore of Tahoe were I grew up, side on with some decent kickers.   The first day of competition the wind was light so we had a rail jam behind the jet ski.  We were organized into three heats of four where everyone got one warm up lap then 3 laps that counted for your score, top two advancing.  After making it through my heat I was advanced to the 6 man final.  Judge Sam decided that Brandon and I had tied so we had to do a tie breaker heat 1 on 1.   In the end Brandon was able to edge me out and take the win.

The last day the wind came up pretty good for the freestyle expression session.  Everyone was out throwin down and we even got a few rides on a kite buggy, that shit is fuuuuun.  All in all it was a great event and I look forward to next year being even better.

You can check out some pictures and get the full scoop from the event here:

Also, check out the front page of the paper that came out the next day:

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