British kite speed champion 2010! Slingshot Rally?!

James Longmuir, winner of Da Kine Weymouth speed week 2010 and British kite speed champion 2010!  Congrats from the crew at HQ SS!!!

James Longmuir brand manager for Slingshot kiteboarding UK claimed first place at Weymouth speed week riding the 2011 Rally.  the event was generally a light wind affair with winds peaking at 18-24 mph on the Tuesday afternoon and the kite of choice was the 14m Rally, the winning speed was 33.4 kts for 500m with a peak of 35.5kts, the event was hotly contested with experienced speed kiters who have competed internationally and many pro windsurf competitors there as well so to claim first place against the boat, windsurf and kite classes in his first event was a great achievement!

 “The 14m Rally was the perfect choice, it remained stable and provided constant power in the variable wind, to win such a prestigious event at the first attempt on a new kite that I had been using for kite course racing the previous week really shows how wide ranging the kites performance is, I really didn’t think that a kite of that size could produce that kind of speed in such light wind.” In addition to winning the event outright he also won the Professional fleet, the fastest time of the event, the kite fleet and also clinched the BKSA kite speed title for the 2010 season.

Couple with the success that the Rally is having at the speed event at Luderitz where Gavin Broadbent has pushed the NZ record to over 50knts marks the Rally out as having huge potential in the speed discipline as well as being one of the most versatile kite on the market




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