SLINGSHOT athletes are PKRA World Tour Dominators!

ANDY YATES take 1st  “2010 World PKRA Title Champion”

YOURI ZOON takes 2nd


“It has been a spectacular event here in Noumea, New Caledonia. All riders were on top of their game and did not take one minute for granted out on the water. It was an event full of action with really amazing heats. You couldn’t ask for better wind conditions, it blew constantly the whole competition except for today during the final heat when it diminished a few knots. Most riders were full powered on 7m kites throughout the week. Numerous fans and locals were on the beach today cheering for their favorite riders with joy as they performed breathtaking tricks and super high jumps just above their heads.

There are two especially happy competitors today and I will begin with Australian rider Andy Yates (Slinghot, AUS) will be taking home his first ever PKRA World Title. What seemed like a dream yesterday is a reality today. Yates lost the first winner’s final heat in a 3/2 judge’s decision in favor of Youri Zoon (Slingshot, NED) who landed super sick tricks such as his opening powered triple combo with a frontmobe, blind judge 3 and 313. Both Yates and Zoon had a constant heat however Zoon’s power and execution was better. In the second final round Zoon’s energy level seemed to have dropped from giving everything he had in the previous heat. The wind dropped during the final heat and Zoon decided to change kite sizes from his 10m to a 12m while Yates kept on riding consistently on his 11m. Yates landed some very nice switch tricks such as a switch slim chance, switch kgb and a really nice switch blind judge 3, his frontmobe to blind and kgb to blind stood over Zoon’s. Zoon was no stranger to the switch tricks either landing a nice switch NIS, and switch 313. The final result was a 4/1 judge’s decision in favor of Yates labeling this his official world title heat and the PKRA 2010 men’s freestyle champion.”

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Yoyoyo, what’s up!! Here’s Ruben Lenten checking in to give you a little update of what’s cracking.

Check out Dave’s edit:


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Last week Friday I couldn’t hold back anymore when a storm hit my home spot.

After nearly 3 months of not being able to ride I had to get my shred on again.

I rang up my mate Dave from to see if he was free that day to come and shoot some big loops. I was feeling it…

So I cruised to the beach and checked it all out, it didn’t look as rough as I hoped for, but still it was a nice rowdy sea and the wind was definitely blowing.

Rigged up my seven meter which got destroyed after my first tack out.

So dedicated to my five meter I still had a fun sessions, didn’t go huuugggee or bigger than ever, but my ankle was holding up and I was having a lot of fun.

Bloody freezing tho.

Cheers and Ride Hard!

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