LEN10 in OTL

Yo Crew, what upp…?!! Hope you guys been shredding some good sessions in…For me it’s still holding back a bit, which is quite hard for me.
My ankle’s still in recovery process, so I better give it some time before I shred again.
The Philippines isn’t far away tho, going there on the 25th of November for three weeks. I’m invited to the Wind or no Wind Board Jam.
That’s a crossover event between kiteboarding and wakeboarding. Some good riders are involved so it’s gonna be awesome.
We’ll be filming another season of On The Loose, so you guys can see what’s cracking at these events.

For now check out the last webisode of our trip to Gran Canaria. I wanted to go for a new move but didn’t make it in the end.
The wind didn’t get up to the right strenght and the waves weren’t as big as I hoped for.
So I’ll try this move in Cape Town early next year. Boooom!! Wish me luck…

Check out: OnTheLoose.tv

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