Yoyoyo, what’s up!! Here’s Ruben Lenten checking in to give you a little update of what’s cracking.

Check out Dave’s edit:


Click here for Youtube.

Or Download it from the Kitecinema website.

Last week Friday I couldn’t hold back anymore when a storm hit my home spot.

After nearly 3 months of not being able to ride I had to get my shred on again.

I rang up my mate Dave from to see if he was free that day to come and shoot some big loops. I was feeling it…

So I cruised to the beach and checked it all out, it didn’t look as rough as I hoped for, but still it was a nice rowdy sea and the wind was definitely blowing.

Rigged up my seven meter which got destroyed after my first tack out.

So dedicated to my five meter I still had a fun sessions, didn’t go huuugggee or bigger than ever, but my ankle was holding up and I was having a lot of fun.

Bloody freezing tho.

Cheers and Ride Hard!

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