SNOWKITE Czech the powder gallery

Two reports from Zdenek P. (Switch)  on snowkiting giant mountains within the Czech Repulbic!


After last year´s failure in Martinské Hole mounatins we didn’t want to risk no snow on New Year´s eve. So we bet on a sure. Luční bouda is on 100 % paradise for snowkiting and New Year´s eve is always SNK dream week with everything what we need. This year was the same and there was fresh powder and deluxe weather with super steady wind.

The midmorning journeys changed afternoon traversing which was usually until the evening. When there was tha dark in Luční bouda we decided to go on the west hang of the mountain with Rado and enjoyed the monstrous sunset in the clouds. The Luční bouda dominates and after all problems it is the best place for snowkiting in the Czech republic. Let´s see the photo gallery from harmonious freeride and look forward to next Powder galery“ in next days.


Next session on Luční bouda was in big massive style with shoots of powder. After the extreme freezes was the snow airy and feathery how fresh tilt coke. Start, fluffiness, next hold breath and exit from the white rubble we can´t tire of it. We enjoyed the traversing until the luxury sunset. A few boomers finished when the sky was black, because the conditions were great and comprehensible. We will see, how the winter will shape up, but one thing is sure. We are going to visit The Luční bouda one more time. Good Wind!!



Slingshot signs Oli Derome to the Global Wake Team!

Slingshot Sports, FIRST IN FLEX WORLDWIDE, is proud to announce we have signed Olivier Derome to a three year sponsorship agreement.  He will hold a position on the Global Wake Team in the 2011 – 2013 seasons.

Canadian National, and the newest member of Slingshot Wake, Oli is the FIRST Pro Canadian Rider to ride true FLEX.  “I’m very excited to be part of the Slingshot family!  The vision expressed by the team and the company pushes in the same direction as mine, making me feel right at home with one of the industry’s most progressive companies!  I’m looking forward to the upcoming season and all of the new things that will be part of it!”, Oli told us yesterday.

Already showing off his stellar wake riding talents on the 2011 Slingshot Recoil, Oli will without a doubt represent the brand well.  Our Wake Brand Manager, Wade Wagley, smiled as he talked about the awesome news.  “With a very impressive performance on the Pro Tour in 2010, and undoubtedly being one of the most stylish rail riders we’ve seen, Oli has had our attention for quite some time now.  His passion for wakeboarding on and off the water and extremely positive attitude is inspiring, and we proudly welcome him into the Slingshot family”.  Oh Canada!

Stay tuned.  There’s more excitement coming from Slingshot soon…

Photo by Jason Lee

Slingshot Update – La Ventana Classic 2011

La Ventana Classic 2011 – Slingshot Update!

This year had to be one of the biggest and most attended by far and Slingshot was well on hand with support, stoke, and demos for all that were able to make the trip!  One of the many highlights of the event was at the beginning of the week with the start of the annual Burning Bush.   With a good vibe and fire bugs to get the party started the disco-tech near the beach was ultra sick!  Lots of mesquite wood structures to burn, free roaming scorpions and random fire artscapes to blur the mind and with an added well rounded line up of rad tunes to get the vibe in line, the people of the night dance till the break of dawn.

The next score of the week was a fishing trip that Dave Smith organized with a local La Ventana fisherman to go on the hunt for the massive schools of Tuna that migrate throughout the Sea of Cortez.  Lucky enough we were able to bring back two prime 25lb+ tuna to feed the troops for the remainder of the week.  Fresh cut sushi, tuna steaks, tuna pizza, and the best damn tuna sandwiches were enjoyed by our supporting Slingshot crew; it’s amazing how far a couple good size fish can feed.

 As the week pressed on the wind really started to pick up for the main events that included the crossing, course racing, stand up racing and big air old-school freestyle; all events were a go with killer competition and sportsmanship from all competitors.  To give the event a good solid start Neil Hutchinson and Baja Joe came in hot from the sky for a killer show of skydiving skills and landed within feet of the main event…  It was sick and even more amazing once you see the GoPRO footage of the jump and gives you an ultra perspective of the area and how vast and bare Baja is.

Video of the jump can be seen at

Everyday before the wind picked up around noon the day was off to a great start with freshest coffee/espresso in Baja from Mark and the crew at Baja Joes.  It’s a must stop for any die hard coffee junky!  Also an array of fresh pastries was on hand to work off that late night hang-over.  So stopping there before you start your day is a must. 

Make sure to check out Baja Joe’s website and don’t forget to check out the live web cam.

 Friday thru Sunday were the days to demo and riders scored it good with epic conditions and all 2011 Slingshot products on hand to use and a top shelf crew to help get riders out without wait or hassle.  Gear highlights of the demo were the first release to the public of the 2011 RPM’s.  Stellar reviews and ear to ear grins on all that had a chance to demo those new RPM’s!

Big shout out to Dave Smith, Glen Mulvey, Laura Myer, Neil Hutchinson, Jamy Donaldson, Shannon, Grom, Rachel and anyone else I forgot to mention for there support throughout the event.    If it wasn’t for all your help it wouldn’t have ran so freakin smooth!

 Great to support an event that yielded $18,000 USD for the local La Ventana community and schools in the area; big shout out and thanks to The Kiteboarder Magazine for all the work with putting on a event of this nature.  It was a ton of hard work and the KTB crew did a stellar job at capturing and running all the activities.  Since I have no way of possibly added everything that went down, I would highly recommend checking there website for more coverage, final results, and tons of sweet videos.


 It was another great year and Slingshot will be sure to be there next year in full effect as always, see you in 2012!

Alliance Cover Shot!

Post Author: Jeff McKee

Check it out! I scored the cover of the Alliance gear guide to kick of the 2011 season! I couldn’t be more stoked to finally pull this off…My last cover of Alliance was in 2003 so this was long overdue and I’m stoked that I was able to represent for Slingshot on this one!

We went out to the projects with the idea to somehow incorporate all of the new boards offered by the different brands in 2011 and have me riding one of them. I Picked the Hooke board because the Ballistic series in brand new this year and not only do they look incredible, they’re also a blast to ride on wake and rails. Plus Mike Ennen said he would send me $20. haha. JK.

Photo by Garrett Cortese

I also think there is something cool to be said about the fact that all of the top brands are advertising flex boards in this issue (Slingshot, Liquid Force, Ronix, CWB). Things sure are swinging our direction and I couldn’t be happier to say that Slingshot did it first! Enjoy the issue!

Alex Fox 2011 RPM video

Hey Whatsup Guys,
Alex Fox here just checking in from Orlando Florida. The beginning of the new year has been great or me. Last year i was traveling quite a bit and balancing it all with a full school load at UCF. The start of the new year was brought in with a lot of wind in the new year. My best friend Stefan Cerf and I rolled down to the Keys and rang in the new year on Duval Street. With plenty of wind we shot some video for the new RPM. This kite is dope and i well worth the wait. HEre is a little preview of what it can do!!!

hope all is well
stay fly

Karolina Winkowska goes big with 3 gifts for the New Year!


Ripper Karolina Winkowska and currently  rank 3rd in the PKRA  brings down the heat in a 3 part moive series that showcases her talent, style, good looks and all the cool travel spots on the way to the top in the chase for PKRA glory! 

Three part movie series White/Pink/Blue