Alliance Cover Shot!

Post Author: Jeff McKee

Check it out! I scored the cover of the Alliance gear guide to kick of the 2011 season! I couldn’t be more stoked to finally pull this off…My last cover of Alliance was in 2003 so this was long overdue and I’m stoked that I was able to represent for Slingshot on this one!

We went out to the projects with the idea to somehow incorporate all of the new boards offered by the different brands in 2011 and have me riding one of them. I Picked the Hooke board because the Ballistic series in brand new this year and not only do they look incredible, they’re also a blast to ride on wake and rails. Plus Mike Ennen said he would send me $20. haha. JK.

Photo by Garrett Cortese

I also think there is something cool to be said about the fact that all of the top brands are advertising flex boards in this issue (Slingshot, Liquid Force, Ronix, CWB). Things sure are swinging our direction and I couldn’t be happier to say that Slingshot did it first! Enjoy the issue!

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