Post Author: Nate Perry

I just returned home to the US from the Philippines where I competed in the Ultimate Wake Championships. When I first arrived I thought I would never get to CWC. My flight from Manila to Naga (Where CWC cable park is located) had been canceled so I decided to take a bus instead: Bad idea…I figured it would be a be a good way to see the countryside and at first it was indeed, but just a little bit cramped as I was competing for shoulder space. I got to see everything from the cities to the ocean to the mountains. The scenary was epic, however a problem quickly arose when this kid threw up right beside me  2 hours into the 13 hour bus ride! As if this wasn’t miserable enough, no one cared to clean it. I thought I was gonna go crazy…11 hours later I arrived to the cable which smelled like heaven compared to the bus. If you’re ever in a third world country, don’t use the bus system its not as good of an idea as it seems. haha.
Upon arrival here at CWC it was the most epic sight I have ever seen. A wakeboarders playground with anything from full cable, boat, jetski rails, and the best part was the stepdown rails that crossed over concrete stairs all pulled by System 2.0. I got a few days of practice in before the contest started so I was riding pretty well by the time teammate Jeff McKee and camera man Patrick Wieland showed up. I was feeling ready for the contest and ready to film. I ended up taking third in the contest and was super pumped to place and win some cash! We got about a week of filming in after the event that was totally insane, including my first session with a Helicopter ever!

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