Lewis Crathern – Cape Town South Africa Update!

I’m having a great time out here, I arrived a few weeks later then normal on the 22nd of January but the wind has blown every day. The conditions are sometimes harsh as hell maxed on 7m and 6m most of the time, it can drive you insane as all you want sometimes is to be on a 11m or 9m! This is the way Capetown works though as I have learned in the past. After a few weeks setting in its all ok and free styling in 35 knots on the 6m and 7m becomes normal. If you can learn something in these conditions then you definitely have it down everywhere else in the world! – One of the big positives of putting the effort in out here.

Even though its so far away from home it feels very similar to where i ride in the UK, very strong wind and good kickers but its wind from the left. When I first came here in 2007 I didn’t like this so much but I’m starting to prefer it. Learning one thing on the opposite tack can really open up doors on your natural one.

There is a real nice crew of people out here and some old friends I used to ride with a lot, Rui Meira, Tom Herbert and Aaron are always out and lately the wainmen guys came too, Franz Olry etc so much energy on the water its amazing riding with them.


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