Marco Mafia/Argentinian Kitesurf Champion

Here goes my trip story…

Chilean Waves:

After a long truck journey along Argentina, going through the whole Patagonia and around huge pine trees we were in front of a deep blue sea, the Pacific Ocean!

The first spot was Curanipe, a small fishing village at the south of Chile. At this place, there are some great houses right on the spot, the fresh fish and strawberries are daily pleasures. The spot is a bay with 20 knots of wind and a friendly wave.

The trip went on to the north. We made a stop at Pichilemu where there was no wind but the waves were huge and the water was butter flat —>Nice surfing.

As we continue going we got to Matanzas, a nice village were you can feel that you are getting close to Santiago (Capital of Chile) since the fancy houses appear around the mountains. Here we went kitesurfing to the famous spot of Roca Cuadrada, we knew that there was a good forecast but when we got there we were completely amazed. The first day the waves were almost 4m and I was kiting with my RPM 8m, probably one of the best Kitesurfing sessions I ever had. As the days went by, waves became a little bit smaller but there still was good wind, so we got really used to the spot and stayed as long as we could. At Matanzas we were staying at the Surazo Hotel, which I recommend for its great breakfasts and the hot tabs.

Also the national tour was held, in which I became the Kitesurf Champion.

Well I had some amazing time and I recommend you to go if you have the opportunity. I leave you this short video so you can see what I was talking about….

Cheers! Marcos.

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