Youri Zoon another “1st” place podium! PKRA Morocco

Hey all,

Sorry for the late update. Internet in Morocco wasn’t really good haha.
It’s been already a couple days after the comp and i got back home yesterday, good to be back home for a bit before leaving again.

I got into dakhla a bit before the comp to get used to the spot and train a bit as well.  On the down wind side of the Camp is a amzing flat water spot were the wind is just perfect and the water dead flat.Doesnt get any better for freestyle than that…   In the comp I had some hard heats , 1st and 2 round against Dominican rider and after against Andy Yates. In al my heats i just had to go 100% and i made  it into the final of the singles.   I was not really in a mood of giving it a way!  In the final I had a good heat against Alex pastor.  I did some combo’s,  power tricks, and switch tricks which leaded me to the win in the singles.

In the doubles I knew it was not going to be easy, because the level at this moment is so high.  If you make 1 small mistake your out.  Even though I won the singles I could still be 2nd overall.  That didn’t happen I was up against Andy Yates  again in the final , my was was perfect, I guess one of my best heats ever!!! Again I did a lot of powerd tricks , combo’s, and switch tricks.  Landed also a power mobe to wrapped.

I am super stoked on my 2nd win of the year and will try to keep it up this way till the end of the year.

Thanks to all for the support!



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