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Slingshot Rider Luke Orton slays IT!

Super sick video of Slingshot Rider Luke Orton just slaying it event by event. From rails, pow, wall hits, wall rides to huge air, he’s the rider thats has in under control! Check it.

February 2011, Luke Orton snowkiting– a break from high school–touring Montana, Colorado, Utah, and Idaho. Participated in the North American Snowkite Tour and U.S. Open Snowkite Masters at Skyline. Filmed by parents and Luke, put together by Luke.

Perfect Conditions in Romania for sick AIR!

A few pictures from a snowkite contest in Sinaia – Romania – Eastern Europe on 26 of February. A Perfect weather for snowkite, 3-4 bft sunny and good snow! RPM rules! Perfect for snowkite freestyle and also for cross. It won second place at cross and 3rd place at big air. The Rev won second at big air and third at cross. So, very good relaunch, perfect control in the air. Just perfect!
Iulian Tache – SS Distributor Romania

Megan Kessinger shout out!

“Out in the middle of no where in Wyoming, you never know where you just might find an epic snowkite spot…A frozen lake will work for today…Nothing like being fully powered on my B4…Haha…Way too much fun for this to even exist…It’s off to Strawberry Mtn. Utah for another day…Love this sport…It was a good warm up for national championships…Just got my new Rally 6m today can’t wait to fly it…I have a year until the next championships…I love the crispy sound of when you first open your kite and pump up! Let the training begin for next year snowkite tour…BOOM!! Xoxo Megan”

Right on Megan, thanks for sharing your stoke!

SNOWKITE Czech the powder gallery

Two reports from Zdenek P. (Switch)  on snowkiting giant mountains within the Czech Repulbic!


After last year´s failure in Martinské Hole mounatins we didn’t want to risk no snow on New Year´s eve. So we bet on a sure. Luční bouda is on 100 % paradise for snowkiting and New Year´s eve is always SNK dream week with everything what we need. This year was the same and there was fresh powder and deluxe weather with super steady wind.

The midmorning journeys changed afternoon traversing which was usually until the evening. When there was tha dark in Luční bouda we decided to go on the west hang of the mountain with Rado and enjoyed the monstrous sunset in the clouds. The Luční bouda dominates and after all problems it is the best place for snowkiting in the Czech republic. Let´s see the photo gallery from harmonious freeride and look forward to next Powder galery“ in next days.


Next session on Luční bouda was in big massive style with shoots of powder. After the extreme freezes was the snow airy and feathery how fresh tilt coke. Start, fluffiness, next hold breath and exit from the white rubble we can´t tire of it. We enjoyed the traversing until the luxury sunset. A few boomers finished when the sky was black, because the conditions were great and comprehensible. We will see, how the winter will shape up, but one thing is sure. We are going to visit The Luční bouda one more time. Good Wind!!