Nick Jacobsen Update

Im in Denmark at the moment waiting for the 25th to leave for Cape Town. CANT WAIT..
I just got back from Brasil, I was there for 2 months filming, photoshooting with my other sponsors and training.. My plan is to make a NICE video from Cape Town when I get there, and really get into editing and filming.. I really wanna compete in the PKRA next year, but nothing is for sure yet..
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CKA. Kiteboarding, part of the curriculum!

Check out latest press release for the 2008 – 2009 CKA Tour in Jacksonville Beach, Florida! Slingshot is super pumped to be a part of the CKA! Who knew going to college was this much fun!

Want more info on the CKA? Contact:
Matthew Sexton at
Collegiate Kiteboarding Association

If you missed the coverage from Stop #1 watch it in HD on Vimeo courtesy of Ben Sampson

Team Rider Nick Jacobsen ripping it up!

Hey all this is Nick writing to you from Brazil. This place is so sick and it is awesome to be able to ride every day to push myself and learn new tricks. I just got my new 2009 FUELS and I didn’t think it was possible but they are even better than before! Frickin boosts, loops and is more stable than before. It pushes my level of riding to greater heights!  Check out my latest video.


post # 1 sweeeeeeeeet. So since I’m not cool enough to have my own blog, I guess this is where I get to share all my life experiences, emotions, and adventures. ha. I just got back from a nice 10 days on the road with our sales manager Wade. We went threw Texas and Louisiana which was pretty fun. TSR was pretty slow due to the fact that it was freezing but we had a good time shredding non the less with our good friends Tom Fooshee and Josh Wright. Today I worked on a new fin that is smaller and more round. Basically trying to make something that is just big enough to give you some grip, but small enough to not hang up at all on rails. I will try and post a picture as soon as I figure out how haha.

Ohh and the finalized reflex is on the way to my house. As soon as I take it out for a shred I will let you know how it rides !  We get shortbus Yellow Versions of it too ha. AWESOME.

Travis Propst