Triple-S Event News
Stay updated on all the Triple-S News The Triple- S Invitational is the international free ride “world championships” of kiteboarding, held every year in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.  Slingshot is gonna represent with team players Joby Cook, Ruben Lent10, Eric Rienstra and Dylan Tompson.  WHOOP’ WHOOP’

Short Clip

just put a new clip online, just some footage i had lying around from when i first got a go pro hd camera. just trying out some different angles of tracking and water. the footage these shoot is so good for how much these cameras are shame the waves where rubbish and small. enjoy Ryland Blakeney

First Cover and Behind the Lens

As the Season in west oz has come to an end what better time to blow my ear drum. Managed to do this kiting and have to spend 2 weeks out of the water. so i thought id take it easy but haven’t been able to keep myself away from the beach so i thought i go down and shoot some of the local crew at scarborough beach in west oz. not any swell which i was glad as i was missing out but all the boys where still having fun and getting a few waves. heres some shots of the local slingshot riders in perth, Will Phillips and Carl Bevo. Also attached is a look at my first cover, its from issue 9 of Core magazine which should be available at all good kite stores by now if not check out to get your subscription. hope its windy where you are. Ryland Blakeney