Rev & SST in Oahu

Mike Scott in action!Ive been good and the south swells have been picking up! I surfed yesterday, it was a little over head and down the line rights. The winds been light here but trades were supposed to fill today so hopefully i can get out to diamond head if its windy enough. I’ve been surfing with my bro and busting out work to graduate. Pretty stoked.. Michael Scott


Summer here in OZ is over, but the memories will live on! From Feb 15th until 5 days ago we have had the best run of swell in the past 10 years. 1 cyclone sat directly off the Sunshine coast of QLD (Where I live) and produced world-class waves for 17 days straight, it is the longest swell I have ever experienced in my life, all the famous points (Noosa, Burleigh, Kirra, Snapper etc) were in there classic form and feeding us endless amounts of barrels.


When we have a cyclone sit off the coast like this one, we generally have a high-pressure system sitting below it giving us trade winds, so it gives us the perfect combination of wind and waves, so I was mixing my day up with surfing around the low tides and kiting the rest of the day, not much work was getting done, that’s for sure.


The last couple of months was the perfect timing for me to dial in and test my pro model boards for 2010, I got to ride them in just about every condition possible and I have to say they are feeling really good. It also gave me the opportunity to really confirm my crossover from the Rev’s to the new RPM’s was the right choice, it always takes some time changing from a really good kite to a new one and I have to say in the beginning I was a bit apprehensive as I had so much confidence in the Rev, but the RPM has excelled on all levels and I’m stoked on it!


Now that I have all my equipment dialled for this coming year, it’s time to pack up and head on the road for the winter chasing swells all over the world.

Dani Nacarato’s Presentation..

Hey everybody,

I’m Danilo Nacarato, 16 years old and writting for you directly from Portugal.

I’m a new Slingshot Rider, wich I’m proud of. I’ve been working so hard and trainning so hard to reach my goals that this is a big present for me.

This year I’m going to compete on Kpwt, so, I’m preparing myself practicing the most powered handlepass tricks, style and consistence.

Last weekend I went to Esposende, my favorite spot in Portugal, I was trainning this new move that I don’t know how it’s called but it is a powerful Switch Back to Blind Airpass with the kite low, my father took some pictures wich I thought amazing and it’s posted below…

This friday is national holiday, that means I don’t have to go to school and that I can kite all day. xD

Danilo Nacarato

Photo By: Guilly's Nacarato
Photo By: Guilly's Nacarato

LEN10’s last few weeks…

Sorry for being out of touch for a while…
After one motnh Australia, three months South Africa and a couple weeks at home I finally feel full power again.
Ready to present new stuff, work out new ideas and just ride hard.

I had a good trip in Cape Town, my mates Aaron Hadlow and Lewis Cathern were there as well. We did some nice wakeboarding and had some film sessions with Ryan Gaw.
Photography was done by Craig Kolesky, this was the fourth winter(CT summer) we came out there. Craig always helps us getting the shots we need. ☺

I fucked up my ankle in South Africa, it was a pretty gnarly day, I mean a perfect day…
45 to 60knts blowing into Blouberg, a village 15min away from Cape Town.
Good waves rolling in of about 3mtr, I took out my seven meter Fuel and had it pretty well.
Big wipe-outs compared with some of the biggest Megaloops I had done.
I had mad fun until I came down from one landing and send my kite back to early, I fell down from like a meter or four and tried to take the landing.
Unfortunately the landing was too strong on some weird back chop/lip of a wave.
This made my knee and ankle bend too far, so I injured my ankle not too nice.
I couldn’t believe it happened, packed up my gear, walked back upwind, changed my clothes and just sat at home for a while.
Hurting, icing, hurting, icing….

I thought, whatever, it comes with the job. It was an amazing day anyways, so I was happy to at least have a bit of it.

Also my gear got stolen out of my car, everything gone…(ok don’t wanna talk about it)!! 😉

We were filming for so this got a bit screwed up as well.
We had some fun stuff on tape already but not what I wanted, so that’s what I’ll be foucssing on the next couple weeks/months.
I want to update with footage of my/our lifestyle and the action we create.
With the website I want to create a platform where people can go to check out what kiteboarding will add to their lives. It’s fun!

So I’m going on some photo/filmshoots and the Triple-S is getting closer as well, so keep on checking for the latest episodes of my trips.

Peace out!!!
R. LEN10

Craig Kolesky
Craig Kolesky
Craig Kolesky
Craig Kolesky
Boi Reuter
Boi Reuter
Boi Reuter
Boi Reuter

Andy Yates – PKRA Leucate, France

Standing on the top of a cliff overlooking the competition site in Leucate
Standing on the top of a cliff overlooking the competition site in Leucate
France PKRA Singles and Doubles

The conditions for the singles were absolutely insane. I was on my 5 metre for the day and it was the coldest I’ve ever felt. I made if through the first round but got put out in the doubles by Sebastien Garat. I made the promise to myself that unless it was 40 knots, I’d go out on my 7 metre.

The next day, the doubles ran to completion. I was stoked that the wind had stayed the same and not got stronger. In my first heat of the doubles, I came up against a Dutch rider. I was so happy to be on a kite that I felt somewhat comfortable with. I had a good heat and was stoked to pass through. Next I came up against Victor from Poland. I spent a whole summer with him in Perth in 2007/2008 so I knew what kind of rider he was. I was nervous because if I passed this heat I would be 9th overall, which for me for this competition was a good result. I went about my normal heat and landed what I knew I could land in the conditions. I put together a pretty good heat and was so happy to find out that I had progressed through. I looked at the draw to see my name matched up with Kevin Langeree. He had the misfortune of missing his heat in the singles which was why I came up against him at this stage in the doubles. Nevertheless, I was just going to go about my normal heat. We started about the same and stayed close for a few minutes but then I crashed a few tricks and he gained the lead. I was happy with my heat considering I rolled my lines over themselves twice and had to pull my wave grenade haha. I didn’t progress through but I was stoked with my result of 9th overall. Aaron Hadlow went on to win the competition with Youri Zoon in 2nd and Kevin Langeree in 3rd. This is a good start for my year and I hope to keep bettering my results in each successive competition.

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Hi Light Video Premier

Hello everyone I am a new post-er to the slingshot site. My name is Spencer Norris, I am a filmer out of Washington and I recently finished my third video Hi Light. Last week I had the opportunity of premiering the video at a shop in Fremont Washington called Evo. The venue was awesome and the staff literally took care of everything which was awesome. Everyone got in for 5 dollars which included a free raffle ticket and a bottomless cup of beer…..HEYO. A pretty good amount of people made the trip out to the shop to enjoy the video and once the video was done we had a ton of give away stuff which included a board from slingshot. Someone this summer will discover the truth about flex. If anyone is interested in picking up a copy of the video or finding out more about it just copy and paste the link

All the peeps
All the peeps

box cover
box cover

WIT Productions. Spencer Norris