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Slingshot Wake, rider driven FRT technology is redefining what wakeboarding should feel like. Press, load, rebound and pop. Welcome to the future!

shredtown at hydrous wake park

Yo dudes Andrew Adams checkin in! We have been riding a lot lately out in Athens and have also been making trips out to Hydrous Wake Park as much as we can to get some cable riding in. We have been shredding the new Shredtown board and boots and all I can say is the new setup is phenomanal. I hope you all get a chance to ride it this year and if so shoot me some vids on facebook!

We have also been pretty busy out at the ranch lately getting it prepped to install a private System 2.0 out there. Pat Panankos and Sesitec thought it would be sick to get us our own system to start getting creative on and pushing the limits so that should be going in pretty soon. I will keep yall updated with any progress with that but for now here is a little edit from Chris and I taking laps out at Hydrous. Peace!

Rippin’ & Tearin’ : St. Johns River

I’m embarrassed to say it took this long, but finally after 14 years of wakeboarding in Florida I rode the St. John’s River for the 1st time! The team has grown rapidly in recent months so we decided to get everyone together for some “teamage,” and what better place to escape to than St. Johns. The river is only about an hour away from home here in Orlando and the butter factor is huge regardless of wind-speeds. It curves, turns, and banks it’s way from Central Florida all the way up through Jacksonville and is one of the only north flowing rivers in the US (so they tell us).  Team riders included Jeff House, Oliver Derome, Dylan Miller and myself along with wake brand manager Wade Wagley and the newly acquired marketing mastermind Mr. Gary Huck. We stayed in a town called Astor, FL where (unfortunately) no one cares about the NBA playoffs, but in reality this was the beauty of our escape: No distractions; Just us and the water…and the alligators…and the snakes while I’m at it. We saw two snakes crossing the river and  at least 20 -30 alligators during our day and a half mission, but this was all the more motivation to spot your landings and ride away from EVERYTHING. After all, no one want’s to be bobbing around in a gator tank! Other wildlife spottings included wild striped bass, mating manatee’s and several brown trout floaters…

Scoping for manatee....
Oli from afar!